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Why You Need to Go Organic with Your Skincare Products

More people than ever are deciding to move towards eating healthily. They may avoid processed foods, cut out gluten, remove sugary products from their shopping list and base their diet on fruits and vegetables. Not only that, but they may make sure that they get all their produce from an organic source, as they know that it will have been grown carefully and without exposure to harsh chemicals. Yet the same people may buy standard, over-the-counter skincare products from their local store without even thinking twice or pausing to read the label. Why is this not just inconsistent but potentially dangerous?

The Biggest Organ

There is a saying that "you are what you eat," and this recognises that whatever you consume at the dinner table will have a considerable effect on your health. Remember that when you eat, these foods are dissolved within your body and processed by your various organs in an attempt to provide your body with the appropriate nutrients. Yet your skin is the biggest organ of all and whatever you apply to its surface will be processed as well. Consequently, you need to be just as careful to buy the best skincare products from an organic source as you are when you're buying your food.

Immediate Absorption

Indeed, you may be doing even more damage by using those over-the-counter skincare products, because anything that you put onto your skin is more readily absorbed than if it were eaten. After all, powerful enzymes contained within your saliva and acids in your stomach help to break down and eliminate a lot of the bad content from food or drinks. When you apply chemicals to your skin, however, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream with minimum filtering.

Serious Risk

Some experts believe that the ingredients in standard skincare products could be linked to a variety of disorders, reproductive issues, long-term allergies and even the formation of cancer. This is why it is crucial to choose the right product and to go organic as far as skincare is concerned.

Back to Nature

When you buy an organic product, then you can assume that the ingredients are more natural, will be tolerated by your skin and will be absorbed more readily than a synthetic. The manufacturing process itself is more environmentally friendly as well, while the packaging will be fully recyclable too.

By all means, continue to buy the highest quality organic foods that you can find but remember to apply some of this energy to your skincare products as well. One option you can look into is buying organic herbal skin cream online, but find what works best for you.