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Four Hair Softening Lessons You Can Learn from Hairdressers

Do you ever step away from your local salon wondering why you can't create the same results as your hairdresser? You may find this is because you're not taking the right steps. From scrubbing thoroughly to hair mask treats, there are lots of ways to mimic your hairdresser's skills.

Giving your hair a sufficient scrub

In a busy world, it's often tempting to cut corners on everyday tasks. However, by failing to scrub your hair thoroughly, you're reducing its shine as you won't remove grease and impurities. When you do wash your hair, picture what your hairdresser does and mimic their actions. As a side note, you shouldn't do this on a daily basis. Give your locks a chance to shine with their natural oils by spacing out washes with dry shampoo or talc.

Tackle your unique problems with the right product

Do you suffer from split ends and have lots of hair? Then you need to use a heat protecting spray before breaking out the dryer. When they tend to your hair, your hairdresser identifies such concerns and tackles them head-on. Similar problems include:

  • Frizzy hair that needs serum
  • Dry hair that needs an oil mask
  • Greasy hair that may suffer from not washing out conditioner thoroughly

Addressing these issues increases your shine, so get to know your hair and treat it accordingly.

Visit your salon for a regular trim

Heading to your salon regularly isn't just about having a luxury experience. When you don't trim your hair regularly, you experience split ends. As a result, the ends suck out all the moisture, causing the hair to look lank and dry. Having a regular trim at your salon allows your hair's cuticles to retain natural oils throughout, making it shinier and stronger.

Choose the right intensive treatment for your hair

If you apply a mask to your face on a weekly basis, you should afford your hair the same luxury. When you're choosing a mask, find one that states whether it's appropriate for your hair type. A mask for greasy hair is usually overkilling when it comes to dryer strands. When you apply your hair mask, wrap a towel around it and leave it to absorb for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly and you'll soon see the benefits. 

Finally, great hair also depends on your diet. Stay hydrated and eat a vitamin-rich diet, complete with other nutrients such as omega-3s. Through a combination of internal and external efforts, you'll enjoy softer and shinier hair.