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4 Reasons You Should Have Your Hair Cut by a Student

Many people shy away from the idea of having their hair cut by a student, but there are actually plenty of reasons why you should. You'll be able to find students working as trainees at local salons, as well as in local beauty schools. Here are just four reasons why you should take advantage of their services.

1. Save Money

The most obvious benefit of having your hair cut by a student is that you'll save quite a lot of money. Salons tend to work on a hierarchical system, with the most experienced stylists charging the most and the least experienced stylists charging the least. The difference between their prices can be quite significant, especially when you're asking for a more complicated or time-intensive cut, so you can save quite a bit of money by regularly seeing a student instead of a stylist with years of experience. 

2. The Latest Cuts

You might be thinking that it only makes sense to see a student when you want a very basic haircut; after all, wouldn't anything more complex be beyond their expertise? Actually, this is not usually the case. Keep in mind that a student will have been studying the latest techniques, and they'll be thrilled with the chance to try them out. If you want a cool modern cut, you should find a student more than willing to provide it for you. Since they are quite young, they'll almost always know about the most fashionable trends.

3. Expert Direction

Probably the main reason why people are worried about having their hair cut by a student is ending up with a poor cut, but this isn't really something that you need to worry about. Firstly, remember that students will have already practiced extensively using mannequin heads, as well as on each other. It's not like yours is going to be the first head of hair that they encounter. Perhaps more importantly, a student will be working under the guidance of a supervisor. This supervisor will be highly trained and experienced, so they'll step in if any mistakes are about to be made.  

4. Gratitude

Finally, it's just nice to help someone out on their career path. Students are always enthusiastic to cut someone's hair since it provides a way to move forward with their career and practice their new skills. Even if the reasons listed above haven't persuaded you, remember how much your trust will mean to a stylist who is just getting their start.